Our Practice

At Lass Cooper & Ramp LLC, we know how difficult and sometimes painful the legal process can be, and how the strain of it can impact our clients. That’s why we treat each client like we would want our family members to be treated.

What we bring to our clients is innovative, tenacious and diligent legal expertise to resolve the most complex issues and get the best results, whether we are in a courtroom or at a settlement table.

Our family law practice focuses on dissolution of marriage or civil unions, legal separation, litigation of marital agreements and trust entitlements, paternity and custody disputes, complex asset valuation matters, representation for non-traditional families, post-decree litigation, post-decree modifications of support and parenting time, and other services, including appeals.

Our attorneys handle domestic relations cases with complicated property valuation and division issues, including professional practices, businesses, partnerships, trusts, retirement and stock option plans, and real estate. We are experienced in analyzing separate property claims involving gifts, inheritances or pre-marital assets, and the proper treatment of those assets in a divorce. Clients turn to us for valuing and dividing the assets and liabilities; structuring security arrangements for complex property and family support obligations; establishing maintenance (alimony) awards and setting appropriate child support obligations. Our clients’ future financial security is vitally important to us.

Often the most significant issues facing our clients are those concerning the well-being of their children. We understand that parents want their children to weather divorces and separations with as little turmoil and conflict as possible. We have a wealth of experience and resources that help guide our clients towards resolving child custody and parenting time disputes, including international custody issues under the Hague Convention. We understand that not all families look alike, and we understand that the role of a parent may be created by something more than just biology. Regardless of the family situation, we are able to counsel and advocate for our clients in all matters concerning their children’s best interests.